In 2000, Olivier Cassart and Patricia Van Halteren decide to leave their former club, XLR8RS (Ixelles Air Raiders), to start their own. This is how the Mooncatchers were born. Shortly after, a junior section is created under the same name.

After 10 years of existence, the club has grown a lot. The Mooncatchers evolve amongst the elite clubs of Belgium, and reach the top 20 on the European scene. The number of our members does not stop growing years after years, as our achievements.

The club's progression is based on the evolution of the youth, mixed with more experienced players. This "recipe" allowed us to win the Belgian title several times, and to take part to the biggest European tournaments and the European Champions' League - reaching the 10th position in 2013.

Since the very start of the club, the creation of a "junior school" has allowed to develop a philosophy of integration, pedagogy, respect, making Ultimate Frisbee a school of life.

Today, the fruit of this decade's work are there, such as a participation to the Worlds Ultimate Clubs Championships in Prague (Czech Republic) in 2010 and again in Lecco (Italy) in 2014.

Every year, the club takes part to many European tournaments, at different levels, in order to grow its own level and the one of its members.