Rising High Delft: the victory

Rising high! Elite victory!

Two teams were representing the Mooncatchers in Delft.

For the open division, the Mooncatchers 2 did a good tournament, finishing second of their pool, they manage to bother even stronger team and fought well to reach the seventh position of that division. They had a good spirited weekend and a lot of fun.

The elite team, only represented by nine players did well also, winning all their game, with a comfortable advance. They finally took the title of this " elite tournament "  winning against our friends from Jet-Set 15-9. The first half of the final was tie, but the Mooncatchers managed to take the half time and didn't let the " Leuven boys " come back.

We were a bunch of Mooncatchers this weekend with our two teams and some juniors playing with the Belgian under 20 years team.

Great tournament! Pretty rare to see a 100% tournament with veggie food, well organised, with good quality grass fields.

Great ambience! The flip cup tournament was a good start for the party were some of the Mooncatchers did well, as usual.

Did I say great twice? Why not? It was!

See you really soon for new adventures!

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