Design our new kit

After 4+ years with the same gear, the Mooncatchers are looking to renew their gear...

Unfortunately, our skills are better used on the field than in front of an artboard.

Therefore, we're looking for a talented artist to design our new kit and equipment.

Interested? Ok, here's what to do.


The brief

What do I need to design?

You must provide a design for:

  • a full kit: 2 jerseys (1 light and 1 dark) and 1 pair of shorts

  • a disc


Sunday 16 December 2018

Sublimated or screen printed? 

For the jerseys and the shorts, either or both. Your call.

For the disc, it'll be printed and mustn't feature too many tiny little details, otherwise it'll be to complicated to print.


How far can I go? 

You can go totally crazy or simple, sleek and minimal – we tend to like both approaches.


What are your colors?

Blue, White, Grey, Black.


Any theme?

Not really, we're open to any suggestion. Our name should help you, feel free to check our “history” page to inspire you. If you have any question, feel free to drop us a line. 

Any limitations?

We do not touch the logo. Well, sort of – you can try to modernize it, or give it a fresher look – but basically, it's kind of part of us now. You will find the ai file here.


The reward

We will offer you our soon-to-come winter kit: a nice and comfy hoodie and a hat, to keep you warm during winter, as well a the kit, a disc signed by the club, and finally, we will be more than happy to make your promotion on all our communication channels!

Up for the job? Awesome ! When you are ready, just send us your stuff at