EUCR-C 2016: Qualification for the European Club Championship

We were at Enschede this week-end (27th-28th August 2016) for the EUCR, which is a tournament meant to determine which teams per region will have the chance to compete against the best teams in Europe. It is always a hard fight for us because the level in our region is pretty high (Germany, Holland, Denmark and Belgium).

We finished 5th of the competition after a nice sunny week-end.

After a loss against Ragnarok and a win against 7 Schwaben, we came in second of our pool. We then had to play against Bad Skid and Muc to determine the final ranking and go on to the quarters. Taking two losses in that second pool was a bit strategic to avoid playing Bad Skid in the quarter-finals...

Our Sunday morning game was against Ragnarok again, but this time a win meant a secured ticket to Europe's biggest club competition and maybe a chance to be seeded in the top 8.

We played a serious first half but the vikings were very motivated and took a deserved win.

Our last chance was then to win the 2 following games to grab the last available spot for our region. We managed to beat 7 Schwaben for the second time, and after that, we took our revenge against Muc. It was a very tight game, and incredibly windy, but finally, with some amazing moves, the golden ticket was ours!

We are very proud to represent Belgium at the EUCF 2016 in Frankfurt (September 30th to October 2nd). It is going to be hard to do better than last year (4th of Europe), but who knows...

Report by Pierre Bihin.