FBFDV Cup - Moon 1 vs XLR8RS 1 - Feb. 22nd 2016

XLR8RS 1 played Mooncatchers 1 on Feb. 22nd 2016 at home, in Uccle, for the FBFDV Cup.

XL took the lead at the beginning, with Moon making quite a few errors, and playing quite a sloppy game. Many cuts were blocked, the wet disc was slipping through the players’ hands, and XL stayed focused and played calmly without taking too many risks.

At 7-5, Moon finally woke up, made up for the point difference and took the lead.
A beautiful layout-D from our young Nicolas H. gives us the extra push to take half-time at 8-5 for Mooncatchers.

Moon was in offence after half-time, and XL, who had fewer players, started to loose focus and took a hit mentally after dropping the pull, which enabled us to secure a fair lead at 14-9.

XL 1 finally lost their first match of the FBFDV Cup against the Mooncatchers, 15-9.

Thank you for the meet and good luck for the rest, XL!

Report by Arnaud Massart.