Objectif Moon 2016 - Recap

There we go, we did it! Objectif Moon 2016, that took place on the 6th and 7th of February 2016, successfully came to an end. What an amazing weekend, as this year we hosted French, Italian, Dutch and Belgian teams who lit up the festivities with their endless energy.

Everything began at our local school Notre Dame des Champs on Friday night, and it soon proved difficult to stop the players' enthusiasm when it came to our Belgian beers, which are always a pleasure upon arrival.

Furthermore, our Hammerdome was full from Saturday morning until Sunday evening! We finally managed to arrange Sumo wrestling gear, which we had ben trying to do for a few years, and this year things just seemed to come together perfectly. We also had some special gear made just for this tournament, including baseball caps and some really nice underwear flanked with the Moon logo. Now that was a success!

On Saturday night, special beers, toasts and hors-d'oeuvres were given to the teams, as well as a free cocktail to kick off the party and a 100% Belgian meal (moules-frites) concoted by our beloved cook, Fabrice Dekerk, helped all the way by a bunch of very motivated Moon. Olivier Cassart took good care of the vegetarians as well. And we musn't forget the home-made belgian waffles for dessert! The players saw fit to give us a standing ovation, which filled our hearts with pride. What a success!

Thank you Mooncatchers!

The party was unfortunately cut a bit short by law-enforcement members...however, this didn't stop Solenn from winning the costume prize, as she was disquised as Zelda. She was followed closely by a bunch of very convincing Pac-Man and Mario Bros. But for the first time since the beginning of the tournament's existence, the sleeping hall was 100m away from the party location, so people were already on the fields for Sunday morning. Everyone made the most of it to get a good night's rest before the 100% (almost)-Belgian breakfast on Sunday morning.
A big thank you to all the players for their smiles, the respect for the infrastructure, and for their magnificent costumes! And an even bigger thanks to all the Moon that were present to help, and without whom the tournament would have been impossible.

We especially congratulate Friselis, who not only won the welcome party and the Saturday-night party, but also won the tournament! Here's to them.

Here is the final ranking:

1 - Friselis (FR)

2 - Flying Penguins (BE)

3 - Mooncatchers (BE)

4 - Frasba Dal Lac (IT)

5 - Jet Set (BE)

6 - Nuts (NL)

7 - OUF (FR)

8 - Ah Ouh Puc (FR)

The Spirit Prize goes to Ah Ouh Puc and Nuts, congratulations to them!

It was truly an unforgettable weekend.
See you next year for an even more fabulous time!

Report by Arnaud Massart & Pierre Bihin, photos by Charlotte Beeckmans.