BUIC Day 3 - Focus: Dark Side

Results Summary for BUIC III (20/12/2015):

Baby Moon: Start in D6. 4 wins. Finish in D5.
Full Moon: Start in D1. 2 wins, 2 losses. Finish in D1.
Rising Moon: Start in D5. 3 wins, 1 loss. Finish in D4.
Dark Side: Start in D2. 4 losses. Finish in D3.
New Moon: Start in D2. 4 wins. Finish in D1.
Moon 1: Start in D1. 4 wins. Finish in D1.

Focus: Dark Side (by Brice Vanhée)

For the fifth year, the Dark Side of the Moon will try to reach Belgium’s highest level of indoor Ultimate. Last year, we managed to get our ticket for the Play-Off for the first time. This new season will allow us to get back up there, more motivated than ever!
Through the years, the team has seen several changes, welcoming new (or not so new) players. This year, Nicolas, Quentin and Thomas won’t have the chance to play with us, as they gave up their spot to Valentin and Gaban.
This recurring addition of fresh air in the team makes our style of play evolve each year.  But one thing remains sure, the disc will keep flying upside down!

The team is composed of Alexandre Gaban, Hugues Godefroi, David Gutierrez Abascal, Jacek Jonas-Szatanski, Laurent Massart, Brice Vanhée, Valentin Verschuere, Julien Sohier and Sophie de Mesmaeker.