Mooncatchers at Discolorful 2016

Last weekend, 5th and 6th November 2016, Mooncatchers competed in no less than three divisions in Diabolic Heaven's tournament, Discolorful: Mixed and Open on Saturday, and U17 on Sunday.

Let's begin with a brief overview of the mixed team. The players were Eva, Perrine, Aurore, Christophe, Pierre, Patricia, Olivier, David and Nicolas. After a few very hard-fought matches in the morning with only 3 girls, feminine reinforcement arrived slightly later than expected (in the form of a "a-bit-more-hungover-than-she-had-planned-to-be" curly-haired girl) for the 3 remaining matches. Thankfully, the mixed team had worked hard that morning and work was cut out for the team in the afternoon. This eventually led them to a final against good friends, newly baptized "The Glory Owls", from ULB. The Moon pulled ahead in the beginning but The Glory Owls just kept on fighting, which finally ended the match in a tight, but still Moon-favored score.

Mooncatchers and The Glory Owls after their final.

Mooncatchers and The Glory Owls after their final.

We made history, that day. It was the first time a Mixed Mooncatchers team ever won a tournament. 

On the Open side, a difficult semi-final closed the doors to the finals. But they made the most of their "petite finale", as we call it, throwing upsides and scoobers and attempting, however unsuccessful, greatests. They lost their final match but ended up third in the final ranking.

Finally, on Sunday, the Mooncatchers U17 dominated the entire day, bringing home gold for the club. They have much to look forward to in the upcoming years, and we must get ready to hear a great deal about these youngsters very soon. 

Extended report soon to come about the U17 at Discolorful 2016.