BUIC Day 1 - Focus: Full Moon

Results Summary for BUIC I (29/11/2015):

Baby Moon: Start in D8. 3 wins - 1 loss. Finish in D7
Full Moon: Start in D1. 1 win - 3 losses. Finish in D2.
Rising Moon: Start in D5. 4 wins (Furious Five!). Finish in D4.
Dark Side: Start in D2. 3 wins - 1 loss. Finish in D1.
New Moon: Start in D3. 4 wins. Finish in D2.
Moon 1: Start in D1. 3 wins - 1 loss. Finish in D1.

Focus: Full Moon (by Arnaud Massart)

Full Moon is back! A team of young players led by two more experienced players to keep things in order... Or not! This year, Full Moon added two players to its ranks (Samuel and Benjamin). After they proved themselves worthy with the younger players last year, these guys moved straight up to play D1 ultimate for the first day of the Belgian indoor championships.

This first day ended up being quite a tough one, sending us back to D2 for the second day. We then went on to win that one, after which we moved back on up to D1.

Full Moon is motivated after having placed 5th last year. Our objective is clear! After seeing the high level of the championship last year, Full Moon is already dreaming of the playoffs.

Talent, youth, motivation and a small touch of feminity (thanks to Perrine).
Full Moon is not to be underestimated.

The full roster is Perrine Dehaspe, Andrew Delhaisse, Bilal El Berquani, Benjamin Jonkers, Rephael Jonkers, Arnaud Massart, Samuel Kinda et Simon Gullentops.