Farewell dear Frenchies

Today we would like to say goodbye to a couple of heroes.

Solenn and Eric – best known as Lulu – are leaving us to go back in the "City of Lights", Paris.

Yes, they are French, but we will not take that into account.

Above everything, they are Mooncatchers.

Since their arriving to the Plat Pays - which is since then theirs, they have been deeply involved in the making of what the club looks like today. There are part of its identity, of its soul. Solenn has been for many years our treasurer, part of the Bureau, and involved in our yearly tournament, the Objectif Moon. On his side, Lulu has long been helping with the club’s organisation, and his skills helped us sign with our major sponsor so far, the Brussels Region.

Guys, we will always remember you as amazing players, as smiling friends, as a loving couple, and loving parents of two – the second one just landed a month ago, you cute little button !

Anyhow, for the ones who, like me, had one day the chance to have them as teammates, they all know what I am talking about.

Lest we forget, and good luck in your many future adventures.

For the Mooncatchers,