Martini Cup: three times in a row !

That makes three! 

The tournament started Friday night, with Tom's "maybe farewell party", who left us to go explore the possibilities on the other side of the world. Enjoy, mate!

From an athletic perspective, the Saturday morning wake-up call was a bit rough, but thanks to some smooth organization, we were only playing at 1pm. We came out first of our pool which gave us a short-cut straight to the semis, avoiding a pre-semi match early on Sunday morning.

Don't have to say that twice to a bunch of Moon.

We met Frühsport 2.0, our german friends in the semis. The game was tight in the beginning but we managed to convert every defence we made into a score.

This led us to the finals where the team "Bonzaï, the final chapter" was really motivated to make a good and beautiful game in that wide and big sports hall. It was a bit of a chaotic game, maybe a little bit too many turnovers to make it great, but it was still great fun to play and apparently equally fun to watch.

We won the final with a two-point lead (12 - 10) and to top it all off, made second place in the Spirit ranking!

Next step: win the mixed division, and why not in open division at the same time? Never say never!