Rising of the Moons

The Mooncatchers came in 4th of the European Ultimate Club Finals in Wroclaw (Poland). For those who are not used to the ultimate frisbee world, it's a bit like reaching the semi finals of the soccer's Champion's League.

We started the competition really strongly, beating the Latvian team Salaspils 15-9. Our offense team played an excellent game, and converted every single pool we received into a score.

The next game we were all expecting against Clapham (London) was kind of disappointing; we wanted to do better, but those guys know what ultimate frisbee is about : 6-15.

The last game of the day was against CUSB. The team from Bologna was really strong too, which resulted in a nice and well-spirited game, but unfortunately ended in another loss for the Moon.

At that moment, we didn’t yet know that we had just played the top three of the final european ranking.

The idea was to reach the top 8, and to do that, the game against Freespeed (Switzerland) was our first final. It was probably our best game of the weekend. We won the game at universe point, 14-13, having started in defense.

The dream went on in the quarters, which was against the French team from Paris, Iznogood. We knew at this point that our target had been reached. So we started the game without pressure and with all the good vibes of the morning game. With a good start for us, and a massive comeback for them, Moon finally ended the game victorious, 14-12.

Our semis was a re-match against Bologna, who were once again a bit too strong for us, and they clearly deserved their spot in the finals. They badly wanted revenge after their defeat against our Belgian National Team in Copenhaguen. 

On Sunday, the game for the bronze was a good one. Those Salaspils had found their game pretty well during the weekend and gave us a beautiful match, with an amazing spirit on the field considering the pressure. We lost at sudden death : 14-15. 

It's really hard for us to come back to reality. This 4th place was totally unexpected for us and is just the best result of any club in Belgian ultimate history.

The team is still young, and some of the players too; Moon will be the future. It's already good, and it's gonna become legendary.

That’s awesome news! Congrats guys! Looking forward to our next BUL- Classico!
— Tim Op De Beéck
Mais ouiiiii! Ps: Thank god there was a 4th spot for EUCR..
— Wouter Verpoest
— Gerrit Van Damme
4ème de Belgique et 4ème d’Europe la même année, est-ce que le championnat de Belgique est tellement révélateur du niveau européen ?

Félicitations les gars!
— Quentin Meekers