A new year, a new step on the Moon

In case you did not know, 2014 has been a special year for us. Special, mainly due our participation to the WUCC in Lecco, and its consequences.

For the first time in our history, we had to organize try outs to select the players who would take part to this major event, because of the amount of them willing to make it to Lecco.

Yes, we are getting bigger, with Olivier’s juniors taking more and more part to the open practices, and with the returning of the Lecco guys, more experienced than ever.

We can say that the club has taken a new direction : more focused on long term achievements, more competitive, but still moving forward as a big family, keeping our spirit high, and playing by the rules.

Everybody knows it, we like to integrate our juniors to our top teams, to give them the taste of what an « open » tournament looks like.

We will do it even more. This year, we split our open team in two : O-line, and D-line, mixing youth with experience. Focused on the long term, remember ?

With this brand new website, we want to write a new chapter in our history.

Wait for it...